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Discover / Planetarium and fulldome

The planetarium dome is the heart of the Cozmix visitor centre. It allows one to step into the magnificent world of astronomy via spectacular projections. On our 84m² projection dome, it is possible to watch the full dome video shows from 45 reclining chairs. Themes like the solar System, the planets, the universe, gravitational forces, black holes and exo-planets can be demonstrated. The full dome projection gives a better insight in our universe. The projection is done via two HD Barco projectors in the middle of the auditorium.

The magnificent sky, day and year motions of the sun, moon and planets, are all demonstrated by means of the Zeiss Skymaster ZKP3/B opto-mechanical planetarium projector. The excellent optical quality takes you to a breathtaking sky in which around 7000 stars can be observed. Why are the days longer in the summer than in the winter? How about the midnight sun and Polaris? Please ask our guides what you always wanted to know about the sky and the universe and we’ll demonstrate it for you.

Even during lousy Belgian rainy weather, it is possible to have a crystal clear night sky experience and see the perpetual motion of the sun, moon and planets.

Next to the many planetarium shows in Dutch, on specific moments throughout the month an English spoken full dome planetarium show ‘Undiscovered Worlds’ is projected.