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Ccd Astronomy: Construction and Use of an Astronomical Ccd Camera

Code: TEC0150
Auteurs: Christian Buil , Emmanuel Davoast
ISBN: 943396298
Uitgever: Willmann-Bell
Uitgegeven: January, 1991
Korte beschrijving:


For almost 30 years Christian Buil the author of CCD Astronomy has been making and using astronomical CCD cameras. This book is based upon his experience and is written for both the builder and user of amateur CCD cameras. For those who choose to purchase their CCD camera ready-made it will provide valuable background information with which to judge the various commercial cameras. The builder will also find proven schematics, construction techniques and test procedures. Both the builder and user will find valuable information in the last two chapters which cover programming and use of the CCD camera once it is connected to a telescope and computer