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Practical Amateur Spectroscopy

Code: TEC0220
Auteurs: Stephen F. Tonkin
ISBN: 1852334894
Uitgever: Springer
Uitgegeven: 10 June, 2002
Korte beschrijving: Spectroscopy - once the sole province of professionals - is becoming more and more popular with amateur astronomers. Various instruments, at prices to suit everyone, are already available "off the shelf".

"Practical Amateur Spectroscopy" contains everything you need to understand the basic principles, to begin observing, and to interpret what the spectra you have seen or recorded show and mean.

Contributions by leading practical amateurs from America and Europe cover a very wide range of amateur equipment and techniques. There are descriptions of all kinds of instruments, ranging form simple do-it-yourself projects like a direct-vision star spectroscope, to imaging with commercially made spectrographs.