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Space, Time and Quanta

Code: NAT0310
Auteurs: Robert Mills
ISBN: 716724367
Uitgever: W. H. Freeman
Uitgegeven: 15/apr/94
Korte beschrijving: "...very much an ideas and concepts book ...provides a very readable, panoramic introduction to modern physics ...a wonderfully personal perspective on the Universe." New Scientist "This is a valuable book for students before they go to university to read physics, or during the first year: the book will also appeal to intelligent non-physicists who wish to learn something about contemporary physics." Times Higher Education Supplement This is the ideal supplement for courses emphasizing modern physics. Part I covers special relativity and the meaning of time, Part II discusses quantum physics, Part III looks at elementary particles and force fields. The three self-contained parts can be used separately or in combination. Familiarity with calculus and classical physics, while helpful, is not necessary as the pertinent ideas of these fields are introduced as needed.