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Physics of Solar System Plasmas (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series)

Code: NAT0450
Auteurs: Thomas E. Cravens
ISBN: 521352800
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 28/sep/97
Korte beschrijving: Plasmas are charged particle gases found throughout the solar system in environments such as the solar atmosphere, the solar wind and the planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres. Physics of Solar System Plasmas provides a comprehensive introduction to these ionized gases of the solar-terrestrial environment. The author places emphasis on solar wind and magnetospheres--regions of space around the Earth and other planets that are controlled by the planetary magnetic field and are shielded from solar wind. The text includes a broad introduction to plasma physics, including important discussions of kinetic theory and magnetohydrodynamics. This leads into a thorough description of the Sun and the solar wind, and, finally, the author addresses magnetospheric physics. Problem sets at the end of each chapter make this a useful text for advanced undergraduate students in astrophysics, geophysics, or atmospheric sciences. Graduate students and researchers will also find it a valuable source of information.