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The Urban Astronomer: A Practical Guide for Observers in Cities and Suburbs (Wiley Science Editions)

Code: WAA0370
Auteurs: Gregory L. Matloff
ISBN: 047153143X
Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Uitgegeven: 08 July, 1991
Korte beschrijving: Designed for amateur astronomers living in or near large urban centers. It offers a comprehensive and thorough discussion of astronomical observing, including the observation of our nearest neighbors in the heavens as well as those farther away--some constant and some only appearing every hundred years or so. Topical coverage includes discussions of the problem of seeing the night sky in cities, the wonders of naked eye astronomy, the ``seeing'' instruments necessary for observation in an urban setting, planning an observing session in a city park and looking at the moon, planets, spacecraft, meteorites, comets, solar and lunar eclipses, unusual phenomena such as variable and double stars and the sun. The final chapter stresses the importance of astronomy as an invaluable educational tool and presents a number of projects that can be performed by the urban amateur astronomer.