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Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier/Book and 3-D Glasses

Code: ALG0610
Auteurs: John D. Fix
ISBN: 801674492
Uitgever: C.V. Mosby
Uitgegeven: February, 1995
Korte beschrijving:
An introductory text that offers a balanced presentation of astronomy, intended for students taking their first course in the subject. The author presents astronomy as a scientific discipline, by addressing its quantitative nature and scientific method of inquiry. He includes historical developments to demonstrate the relevance of astronomy and to humanize the science for students. The book features stereoscopic artwork, enabling students to visualize concepts and phenomena in three dimensions; three-D glasses are included for this purpose. Model building/scientific method explain how we came to know what we now know. By examining how theories are refined as new facts and observations become available, the author effectively demonstrates the scientific method to students. Analogies are made to everyday events to help students understand astronomical concepts and events.