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Origins of life

Code: LEV0302
Auteurs: Robert Jastrow, Michael Rampino
ISBN: 9780521532839
Uitgever: Cambridge university press
Uitgegeven: 2008
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: This concise and beautifully illustrated book traces the evolution of the Cosmos from the Big Bang to the development of intelligent life on Earth, conveying clear science in an engaging narrative. By mapping the history of the Universe for introductory science and astrobiology course for non-science majors, this book explores many of the most fascinating questions in science. What is the origin of the Universe? How do stars and planets form? How does life begin? How did intelligence arise? Are we alone in the Cosmos? Physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and geology are combined to create a chronicle of events in which the swirling vapors in the primordial cloud of the Universe evolved over billions of years into conscious life. Features: •The most fascinating questions on the history of the Universe are answered in this text for one-semester introductory science courses.
•The strong narrative and exciting color images of this incredible story will motivate non-science students to develop an understanding of science and life on Earth
•Explains science in a way that isn't overwhelming for non-science majors.
•Questions for the student prompt critical thinking.
•Combines astronomy, geology and biology to give a broad introduction to these sciences for non-science students.
•Coverage of the latest discoveries in astrobiology conveys the excitement of this fast-moving field.