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Hubble: A New Window to the Universe

Code: ALG0684
Auteurs: Daniel Fischer , Hilmar Duerbeck , R. Williams , H. Jenkner , D. Duncan
ISBN: 387946721
Uitgever: Springer
Uitgegeven: 03 May, 1996
Korte beschrijving: While a number of books for the general public emphasize the technological accomplishments of this multi-million dollar project or deal with the well-publicized flaw in the telescope's optics. Hubble: A New Window to the Universe concentrates on its scientific achievements over the past five years. The authors use ground-breaking Hubble results to illustrate a wide range of astronomical topics, from the great questions about the universe as a whole to quasars and black holes, and from the life and death of stars to our planetary neighbors in the solar system. The first part of this book presents a brief historical overview, "From Babylon to Cape Canaveral," concentrating on progress in astronomical instruments and on the Hubble project itself. The central and largest portion presents the Hubble operations, as well as the plans for the future of the telescope itself and beyond. The text contains over 140 spectacular images, mainly taken with the Hubble, as well as self-contained portraits of astronomers and explanations of astronomical topics and instruments. Written in a style appealing to both the interested public and to individuals familiar with the field, this compendium serves as a testament to the significant role the Hubble has played in the astronomical accomplishment and discovery the past five years.