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Atlas of Meteorites

Code: KMM0264
Auteurs: Monica Grady, Giovanni Pratesie, Vanni Moggi Cecchi
ISBN: 9780521840354
Uitgever: Cambridges University Press
Uitgegeven: 2014
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: A complete visual reference for meteorite classification, this atlas combines high resolution optical microscope images with detailed descriptions. It provides a systematic account of meteorites and their most important classification parameters, making it an essential resource for meteorite researchers. Each chapter starts with a description of the meteorite class, with a summary of the mineralogical, chemical and isotopic characteristics of the group. The full-color images are taken in plane- and cross-polarized light and reflected light, and arranged to highlight textural variations in meteorites. Specimens are grouped to show the effects of increasing thermal alteration and shock, as well as variations in chondrule size and type. Chapters on iron meteorites, pallasites and mesosiderites are included, photographed as mounts in reflected light, to show the range of textural variations that accompany these meteorites. Images from the book can be downloaded from

Features full-colour microscope images of thin sections of meteorites arranged systematically to highlight textural and compositional differences

Gives the basic compositional data for meteorites, detailing mineralogical, chemical and isotopic characteristics for each meteorite group

Includes chapters on iron meteorites, pallasites and mesosiderites