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Hunting for Stars (Mcgraw Hill Horizons of Science Series)

Code: KMM0170
Auteurs: Michel Maurette
ISBN: 70410291
Uitgever: Mcgraw-Hill
Uitgegeven: March, 1994
Korte beschrijving: This work is about meteorites and those who search for them. Seeking an explanation of the role micrometeorites have played in the origin and evolution of life on earth, readers follow astronomers across the globe to hunt for these mysterious black stones and tiny grains of cosmic dust, and into the laboratory to test hypotheses on the origin of our solar system. The text discusses the risks and obstacles these scientists face, and provides an appreciation of the reasons and stakes involved in this field of research. Topics covered include discussions of Jupiter, the first rendezvous on the moon, the search for isotopes and the pre-solar and nebular time scales.