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A Workbook for Astronomy

Code: ALG0160
Auteurs: Gerald David Waxman
ISBN: 521253128
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 25 May, 1984
Korte beschrijving: The purpose of this book is to provide, for the student, a complete set of activities to supplement the factual material presented in an astronomy textbook. Some of the activities are short enough to be done in class and hence supplement a lecture (classroom activities). Other exercises are suitable for a three-hour laboratory experience (Lab Exercises), while still others are designed to be done independently by the student over longer periods of time (Observational Activities). Lastly, for those with access to a planetarium, Planetarium Exercises have been included in this book. In almost all cases, the book is self-contained. Any equipment necessary may be constructed from the simple plans and directions in the appendixes. This equipment will enable the student to experience triangulation, spectroscopy, navigation, and to determine time from the stars. Most other exercises require nothing in the way of equipment. Note: This is a serious, college-level workbook with exercises incorporating some math. They are designed to provide research experience at the undergraduate level.