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Life in the Universe: Scientific American : A Special Issue (Scientific American, a Special Issue)

Code: LEV0110
Auteurs: Scientific American , Carolyn B. Mitchell
ISBN: 716727145
Uitgever: W.H. Freeman & Company
Uitgegeven: March, 1995
Korte beschrijving:
This compilation of a special issue of Scientific American magazine brings together some of the top names in science, who explore the major theories and issues surrounding astronomy and the development of life in the universe. From speculations on robotic intelligence's future to the dynamics of maintaining evolutionary patterns on the planet, this involves general-interest readers with the latest theories. -- Midwest Book Review
"Scientific American" celebrates its 150th anniversary with the publication of this collection of essays on the themes of discovery, understanding, technological capability and optimism. The book explores such topics as the birth of the universe, the emergence of life and the future in detail. Contributors include Stephen Weinberg, Carl Sagan, Marvin Minsky and Stephen J. Gould.