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Discovering the Secrets of the Sun

Code: ZON0070
Auteurs: Rudolf Kippenhahn
ISBN: 471943630
Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons
Uitgegeven: 03 May, 1994
Korte beschrijving:

Translated from Der Stern von dem Wir Leben, this title is a survey of the current knowledge about the sun. It explains how the sun is investigated, the key people and instruments involved with these discoveries, the results so far and what we still have to learn. Historical anecdotes are used as well as imaginary adventures of the ''man-in-the-street,'' Herr Meyer.

A comprehensive reference on Old Sol and the history of research on it, for lay readers, budding astronomers, and professionals in related fields. Sunlight, sunspots, telescopes, eclipses, magnetic fields, solar plasma, computer modeling, and tapping solar energy for good (greenhouses) or bad (the greenhouse effect), are among the topics. Well illustrated