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Space Primer ( AU-18)

Code: RUI0682
ISBN: 9781980817604
Uitgever: Amazon
Uitgegeven: 2009
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: In what may be the best single-volume introduction to military and civilian space flight, this up-to-date space primer from the Department of Defense provides comprehensive coverage of modern spaceflight principles and practices, with an extensive and authoritative history of military and NASA programs, along with the fundamentals of space. This book was prepared by the Air Command and Staff College as part of the Space Research Electives Seminars of the Air University Press at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Contents include: Space History * Space Power Theory * Current Space Law And Policy * Space Doctrine * US Military Space Planning * Orbital Mechanics * Space Environment * Joint Space Mission Areas * US Government Space Organizations and Missions * US Military Space Organizations * Command and Control of Space Forces * Space Event Processing * US Space-Based Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance * Satellite Communications * Weather/Environmental Satellites * Navstar Global Positioning System * Missile Warning Systems * Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles * Space Surveillance Network * Space-Lift Systems * Space System Threats * Spacecraft Design, Structure, and Operations * Acronyms *Bibliography.