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Do Your Ears Pop in Space and 500 Other Surprising Questions about Space Travel

Code: RUI0370
Auteurs: R. Mike Mullane
ISBN: 471154040
Uitgever: Wiley
Uitgegeven: 22 January, 1997
Korte beschrijving:
"An excellent reference. This book has to be on the shelf of every space buff." —James Lovell, Commander, Apollo 13.

Get the inside story on outer space from three-time shuttle astronaut R. Mike Mullane.

"A fascinating collection of honest, factual, from-the-heart answers to the most often asked questions about spaceflight and spacefliers. Required reading for all who aspire to travel in space." —Kathy Thornton, 4-mission Shuttle Astronaut, World Record Holder for Spacewalks by a Woman.

"A brilliant addition to the understanding of space flight. Only a man who has been there—outer space—and done that—fly the Space Shuttle—could render the complexities of flying in space so lucidly." —Walter J. Boyne, Colonel, USAF (Ret.), Former Director, National Air and Space Museum.

"A highly informative inside view of what astronauts really experience in space." —Ed Buckbee, Former Director, U.S. Space & Rocket and U.S. Space Camp.

"All astronauts have been peppered with great questions. Mike Mullane has great answers." —Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Columbia 1981, Challenger 1983, NASA Administrator 1989-1992.

From the fantastic everyday facts of life in outer space to the life-and-death decisions astronauts must face, veteran Shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane tells readers what space travel is really like as he answers the most common questions about space and the adventure of life as an astronaut. His combination of accessible scientific explanation, firsthand insight and hilarious anecdotes makes this book an unforgettable, out-of-this-world reading experience.